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Classroom Fine Motor Kit - TRANSPORTATION THEME - 5 Pack


Includes: (1 pair star tongs, 1 puncher with TIP grip/punch pad, 196 1/2 inch blocks (Sea animal, holiday and transportation kit - other kits will include farm animal or wild animal bead packs), CD with over 196 printable tongs labs, coloring labs, or scissors labs and instructions!

Scissors Labs:
Progress from cutting forward, curved and angled lines within thick borders with help from the character friends. Then progress from cutting around curved objects to angled, more complex objects. Printable in color to visually cue students to start on the green dot and progress to the red dot. If no color printer, use green and red, quarter– inch sticky dots from the office supply store for a fun, multi-sensory activity. Bonus: Many of these scissors labs can be printed for tracing activities too - to work on pre-graphomotor skills!

Coloring Labs:
Printable, simple dark, thick lined preschool coloring pages, with hints on how to adapt coloring sheets for therapeutic grasp activities. Coloring sheets are full page.

Dark/Light Patterns:
Printable pages of dark/light patterns Students will learn to color “dark” with pressure, or “light” with less pressure to control the pressure of the pencil to complete the patterns.

Punching on the Dots:
Printable pages for punching on the dots to trace the outline of the characters in the kits. Kits will include a golf tee/TIP grip puncher and craft foam to use as a puncher/punch pad. Punching activities are approximately 4 x 4 inches.

Outline Coloring:
Printable pages for “outline coloring” to teach a child how to outline/change direction. Then on the same page is a black and white clip art with a thick border to work on coloring within the lines. Clip art is approximately 4 x 4 inches.

Tongs Labs:
Printable tongs lab will have a black and white page where the instructor can color the color patterns, or a printable page in color. Instructors can laminate or put in sheet protectors for repeated use.

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