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The Handwriting Clinic: Workshops: Disclosure Policy
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Disclosure Policy

The Handwriting Clinic must disclose in advance any proprietary interest in any product, instrument, device, service or material discussed during the activity and the source of any compensation related to the presentation. It is the policy of The Handwriting Clinic that proprietary interest from other commercial vendors is not allowed.

No commercial interests are allowed during the presentation from other vendors or agencies without approval from The Handwriting Clinic. Any conflict of interest will not be allowed. A presenter may not get support from other commercial sources for honoraria, travel and lodging other than through The Handwriting Clinic. Presenter must reveal any investment or stock holdings in a company mentioned within the inservice. Any research money for research projects must be addressed. ANY PROPRIETARY INTEREST in any commercial source related to the delivery of the inservice material MUST be disclosed!

Products that are presenters own material may be included for sale at the workshops or part of the workshop materials included in the workshop. The brochure must state that the products are the presenters own material.

Presenters must disclose at the beginning of the workshop/continuing education activity, any disclosure information.