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I loved the labs! And the CD with all the pictures and file!


About the Presenter

Jan McCleskey, MA, OTR teaches all the workshops. She is the author of the First Strokes handwriting products, as well as the owner of The Handwriting Clinic in Plano, Texas. She presents numerous workshops nationwide throughout the year that are sponsored by The Handwriting Clinic. She also is available to present workshops on handwriting and First Strokes products at school districts or educational service centers, contact Jan for details. Jan has 23 years experience – 19 of which were in early childhood or the public schools. She has special interest and knowledge in assistive technology issues related to handwriting within the public school setting. Jan has served a variety of populations at The Handwriting Clinic, not limited to students with dyslexia, learning disabilities, vision related learning disabilities, autism, cerebral palsey, hypotonia, mental retardation, delayed fine motor skills, and delayed visual perceptual skills development. She also has experience with students who struggle with handwriting and have no other difficulties in school – handwriting problems are not just within the special education population!.

Workshops that are NOT Sponsored by The Handwriting Clinic:

Jan McCleskey, MA, OTR and other speakers for The Handwriting Clinic may present at other facilities, educational service centers or school districts. The hiring facility may contract with the speakers to provide workshops. Workshops or speakers from The Handwriting Clinic that are contracted with another facility, are NOT sponsored by The Handwriting Clinic. The Handwriting Clinic will not be responsible for awarding continuing education credits for these workshops.