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WHAM Class

Private Therapy

Private Occupational Therapy

For students who need private occupational therapy, 1:1 instruction, or some individualized instruction

Private Therapy Rates

1/2 hour session$60.00
1 hour session (OT)$100.00
1 hour session (Teacher)$80.00
Full Assessment$150.00

Private Tutoring Rates

Our teachers do private tutoring in writing literacy, keyboarding and assistive technology for writing literacy

Private Tutoring$100.00

Insurance Reimbursement

Classes are not reimbursable by insurance companies.  Private occupational therapy is often reimbursable, but based on therapeutic need.  For private therapy, parents are responsible for payment as services are rendered. The clinic will fill out a statement with appropriate codes.  The parent is responsible for all contacts with the insurance company, to determine eligibility, reimbursement and non-payment of services.  This is slightly more work for the parent, but allows our therapy rates to be much less than the standard rates.  This also allows more children access to therapy if there is not insurance reimbursement.  A prescription for occupational therapy services is required prior to assessment for therapy (not for classes, class screenings, etc).  Please have the prescription say “occupational therapy to evaluate and treat for fine motor delay”, unless there is another reason your child is seeking treatment.  It will also be important for your physician to write an ICD-9 diagnostic code.  ICD-9 code 315.4 for specific motor delay, dyspraxia, is the most commonly used code for students at the clinic

Does Your Child Need Private Therapy or Group Classes?

Private Therapy is almost always optimal if your child struggles because it is a one on one situation and individual goals and objectives are developed for your child.  However, most students do well in a group situation.  Our classes were developed with struggling students in mind and are for students who are beginning learners, or students who have mild to moderate difficulty in handwriting.  We have many students that take a class, then may come in for a private session or two to get some individual help.  For example, a student with dyslexia would probably do fine in class, then may need to come in for a few sessions to drill in the reversal techniques on an individual basis.  Students with behavioral issues (severe ADHD), or other diagnosis may benefit from individual therapy. We want your child to be able to progress, and we also want all the other students who have paid for their child to be in class, to be able to progress.  If your child needs significant one on one help to stay on task, or has significant delays, or concurrent diagnosis, your child will need private therapy.  If you are in doubt, please bring your child in for an assessment.

If my child has occupational Therapy in the school system - why consider private therapy?

Many children would benefit from private therapy in addition to school based, educational therapy. Additionally, many children cannot qualify for services within the school system unless the student qualifies for special education services. At The Handwriting Clinic, the foremost goal is to augment or work towards the goals that your school based therapist recommends. The Handwriting Clinic can provide intervention so that a student can progress at a much quicker rate. It is also helpful to involve the parents in a home program. In a school system, occupational therapists must integrate therapy within the educational setting, and often the teacher carries out the intervention. This is appropriate for many students and occupational therapy IS a vital related service to the school. In the school setting, goals are set for a year. At The Handwriting Clinic, goals and objectives are set for weeks or months.