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This is the best fieldwork - the kids, staff, the curriculum….it is just so inspiring

OT student


Classes, groups and private therapy sessions are taught by licensed occupational therapists. All therapists have work experience within the public school setting and are familiar with both the clinical and the educational environment. By understanding fine and visual motor development combined with an awareness of the kinesthetic, tactile, proprioceptive and attentional needs of students, the therapist can design a program to meet the individual needs of each student.


Jan McCleskey, MA, OTR  Clinical Director
Laura Battaia, OTR (assistive technology specialist)
Pam Chomik, OTR
Phyllis Hale, OTR
Lindsay Jantz, MOT, OTR
James Kadlecek, OTR
Christina Mappes, OTR
Amanda Rivas McCartney MOT, OTR
Anna Sales, MOT,  OTR


Kacie Baxley - keyboarding, writing literacy and handwriting teacher


Sam the Therapy Dog

We are always adding staff and creating new programs. Please send a resume if you are a dynamic and outgoing/fun teacher or occupational therapist.

Jan McCleskey, MA, OTR is the founder of The Handwriting Clinic and the author of the First Strokes Products. She has 17 years experience in the public schools as a school based Occupational Therapist / Assistive Technolgy Specialist. She has been the director of The Handwriting Clinicâ„¢ since it opened in May 2002.