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Frequently Asked Questions


Does my child need a group class or private therapy?

Does the Handwriting Clinic accept payment from my medical insurance?

Does the Handwriting Clinic do more than just teach handwriting?

How do I know if my child has a problem?

How much does the Handwriting Clinic charge for classes and assessments?

If my child has Occupational Therapy in the school system, why should I consider private therapy?

Is an assessment required before taking any of the classes?

My child learns handwriting in school, why do I need the Handwriting Clinic?

What is an assessment?

What is Assistive Technology?

What type of handwriting does the Handwriting Clinic teach?

What types of classes does the handwriting clinic offer?

Why was the Handwriting Clinic founded?

First Strokes

How can I order the First Strokes Handwriting Programs?

How does First Strokes compare to Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) by Jan Olsen?

Is there a First Strokes program for cursive handwriting?

What are Site Licenses?

What is the First Strokes Print Program?

What is the relationship to The Handwriting Clinic?