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Facility Sponsored Workshops

Facility Sponsored Workshops are where we come to your facility, or a facility provided by you, and present a workshop. The workshop can be our standard workshop, or a workshop customized especially for your facility. We often do district training for preschool/pre-k through first grade teachers, occupational therapists and special education teachers. We also do workshops for 2nd/3rd grade teachers for older kids legibility techniques in their classroom. A facility sponsored workshop can be a cost effective way for districts or therapy clinics to provide training if our workshops are not in your location during the upcoming year. For more information contact the Clinic, and refer to the brochures below

First Strokes Interventions for Fine Motor and Handwriting Workshop for Pre-K through First Grade


First Strokes Dysgraphia Interventions with Fine Motor, Print Legibility and Cursive Techniques


First Strokes Workshop Video