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The Handwriting Clinic: Workshops: I Use Another Handwriting Program - SHould I Attend?
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I loved the labs! And the CD with all the pictures and file!


I Use Another Handwriting Program - Should I Attend?

YES! While we believe in the First Strokes program, we strongly feel like therapists need to not use just ONE program. The main objective of the workshop is to develop strategies for multi-sensory handwriting – no matter what program you use! Even Jan uses other programs, depending on the individual student! Come and you will augment whatever program you do use!

Here are some facts about the workshop:

  1. 90 percent of the workshop is on research, techniques, and information for any handwriting program
  2. Only 10 percent of the workshop is devoted to the actual First Strokes Print or Cursive Program – and even then, many of the techniques can be generalized to any handwriting program.
  3. Day 1 participants receive a Pencil Gymnastics kit – this works on grasp development – and is not a handwriting program.  This kit is appropriate for neurotypical preschoolers – K, as well as well students with special needs
  4. Day 1 afternoon session – all the techniques work with any program
  5. Day 2 – One Hr to Legibility Program – this is not a handwriting program – it is techniques that can be used with older students for quick remedial handwriting for print
  6. RESOURCE CD:   This has over 3 inches of printed material (keep on CD) with:
    1. The First Strokes Assessment (worth $45),
    2. Adapted curriculum for pre-writers
    3. Adapted worksheets and curriculum for students with special needs
    4. Inservice training handouts for YOU to train
    5. Pictures of all labs
    6. Resource list of labs for multisensory handwriting and grasp development
    7. Resource list of zany writing topic recipes (the coolest, fun recipes to keep students motivated to write
    8. Numbers curriculum and templates
    9. Posters for the classroom
    10. Posters for things for students to remember
    11. Cue cards for students with autism
    12. Clip art and printables for use in your curriculum and labs for grasp development
    13. Tracing worksheets
    14. Homemade theraputty recipe with putty exercises
    15. Handouts on grasp development for you to inservice teachers
    16. Protocols for students with joint laxity
    17. Printable adapted papers – for you to print and use – this does not go with the First Strokes program – it is for students who have visual impairments or significant visual motor delays
    18. Handouts of all slides shown through workshop
    19. Reversal tip flashcards
    20. Summary of remedial strategies – for you to train
    21. Sensory suggestions for home and school
    22. Chart of highly visible multi-sensory strategies for medium motor learning
    23. Dysgraphia handout
    24. Assistive technology and keyboarding resources handout
    25. Developmental log forms
    26. Skills checklists
    27. PECTS symbols for work schedule cards of all fine motor and milti-sensory handwriting tools shown in workshop
    28. TIP Grip training handout