Clinic Videos

We also offer workshops and therapy products for teachers and OTs. For more information, please visit our website

This is a training video for parents and teachers, on the TIP grip protocol that is often recommended at The Handwriting Clinic. For functional fine motor activities using this protocol, visit for the Classroom Sea Animal or Transportation Kit. For fine motor classes at The Handwriitng Clinic, visit for brochures. 972 633 1974 is the clinic number

First Strokes Workshop Videos

Jan is available for school districts, service centers or private clinics to sponsor a workshop!  See brochures for available workshops.  Facility sponsored workshops are responsible for providing their own continuing education credits.

The Handwriting Clinic is an AOTA approved provider of workshops. Workshops are available online for continuing education credit.  

Our workshops are fun, interactive, and have video support for concepts to empower teachers and therapists and engineer classrooms for success!

First Strokes Product Videos

Introduction to First Strokes Handwriting Programs for Schools. This quick video gives an overview of the First Strokes Handwriting Programs. It previews the First Strokes Preschool/Special Needs Programs, the First Strokes Multi-sensory Program for Kindergarteners, the First Strokes Advanced Print Program for First Graders, The First Strokes Print Legibility Program for 2nd grade and above, and the First Strokes Cursive Program. It discusses the affordability for use of the digital licenses, for schools. Products can be purchased through the First Strokes catalog (hard copies or a USB of the digital products) at or from The Fine Motor Store on Teachers Pay Teachers (digital file). Products are extremely affordable for schools! Research on the products is included in the video, but more research on the programs can be found at

This is a training video for the First Strokes Multi-sensory Handwriting Programs. If a school district or facility purchases this program, this video can be used to train staff on the program. It can also be used for facilities who are considering purchasing the programs. The First Strokes Handwriting Programs can be purchased on USB from the First Strokes Catalog at These products are also available from The Fine Motor Store on Teachers Pay Teachers. individual licenses allow one user to use with their classroom or caseload. Building licenses allow an entire school or building to use the program. First Strokes Sells three Print Handwriting Programs: The First Strokes Multi-sensory Preschool Handwriting Program, the First Strokes Multi-sensory Handwriting Program for Kindergarten and the First Strokes Advanced Print Programs. This video describes the training for all three programs. #handwriting #printhandwriting #FirstStrokes