Facility Sponsored Workshops are where we come to your facility, or a facility provided by you, and present a workshop. The workshop can be our standard workshop, or a workshop customized especially for your facility. We often do district training for preschool/pre-k through first grade teachers, occupational therapists, dyslexia teachers, and special education teachers. Workshops are for two age groups of students:

Pre-K – 1st grade: This workshop explores fine motor skills development and handwriting interventions for beginning students.

2nd grade and above:  Print legibility techniques, cursive handwriting instruction and multi-sensory keyboarding instruction can be included in this facility sponsored workshop. This workshop targets effective techniques for dysgraphia intervention.

A facility sponsored workshop can be a cost effective way for districts or therapy clinics to provide training. For more information contact the Clinic, and refer to the brochures below

First Strokes Pre-k – 1st grade Workshop

First Strokes Facility Sponsored Eliminate Dysgraphia Teacher Workshop for 2nd grade and above

First Strokes Workshop Video